This program is not available for now, it might come up in the future again but for now is closed, ask me what programs are working at the moment.



This trade program is a very high performing offer to good and cooperative Clients who have control over their Bankers and funds. We can now use a MT103 non-callable credit memo which activates the credit line in 24 hours and we can be in trade in 48 hours! The trade will be at HSBC HK. The cash in their account is never at risk. Compliance for this is very quick with a contract issued usually within 48 hours.



Historically, the returns, which are also committed by Trade contract, are starting at 50% of trade profits to the Client each week for the 40 week trade period. This is net to the Client, and Consultant fees are paid from this. During the first few weeks new contracts get added to the initial contract creating a compounding effect. 



This will be explained in full in the contract and verbally with the Trader and/or Chief Compliance Officer.  Needless to say, the returns are very attractive.



The 2 Million Euro/USD (minimum CASH) would be leveraged to 100 Million Euro/USD and then traded.  The Client will receive 50 Million (500%) per week less 10% fees.  Once the trade starts the Trader will add other contracts in the early weeks creating a compounding effect.  100 Million and above would be leveraged to 500 Million.



Please note that there are no requirements for projects in this trade as the Trader is taking care of projects on his end.  This means that any projects they do have, nobody is going to look over their shoulder as to how they are spending their money.  Normal trades the maximum one can take for personal use is 10 to 15% and under this trade there are no such restrictions.  The compounding effect can bring the net returns to the Investor into the 100s of percent’s which is pretty amazing.



The verbiage of the MT103 will be given by the Investor`s Bank Officer reflecting that the funds will be on Admin Hold and the MT103 is not a transfer of funds but a non-callable credit memo. Cost of this is anything between $100 and $1,000 USD (Own client’s bank fees). Top 20 banks only allowed in these programs



If the Investor doesn`t like the MT103 method, then the other method is to issue an internal BG or SBLC against the funds and that would be sent by Bank Bonded Courier (no Swift MT760 required) to the Trading Bank where it is held in Escrow until the end of the trade and returned unencumbered.  The cost of issuing this is usually $4,000 USD; however it would take around 2 weeks to issue the BG/SBLC, deliver and monetize.



The BG would need to be a standard URDG 758 and the SBLC - ICC 600. These instruments are only acceptable from top 20 banks, in case a client has a BG or SBLC already.



In this case what they have to do is deliver by Bank Bonded Courier or by MT760 Swift.  The Trader would monetize and leverage the funds the same way as if it would be cash.


Regular procedures to enter into a PPP program:


- Minimum amount to enter is 10M€ CASH.

- 40 week program

- KYC package would have to be fulfill by the client to be able      to enter.

- Corporate Resolution

- PP copy 

- POF not older than 3 days


The assets must be in a TOP 15 bank in the world with offices in Europe. 


If you cannot submit or are not willing to submit any of these documents then you will never be able to enter into a PPP. 

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